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 The Kenya urban support program projects include;

1)NDCG/TND/KUSP/01/2018/2019: Proposed Construction of Non-motorized transport and waste management project

sub-projets: -a) Construction of Non-motorized transport facilities (Namgoi trading centre  to Law courts 2 km on Kapsabet boys  side and from public works offices- kamobo 2 kms on st peters side.

-Athletic  racing track from Kapsabet bible college – lode school academy /marcle school 2kms

b )Construction of storm water drainage ( Namgoi trading centre  to law courts 2 kms on Kapsabet boys side and from public works offices – Kamobo 2 kms on st Peters side)-pen drainages invert based drainages(IBDS)

c) Extension of sewer lines (s) ( Kounty Lounge to Sasa petrol station and Namgoi to Garden joint rock and roll area, Steve nice area , Kamobo area

d) Construction of Ablution at Kapsabet bus park.


2)NDCG/TND/KUSP/02/2018/2019: Proposed urban economic and infrastructure development projects

sub-projects:      a) Installation of street and security lights within municipality

i) High mast -Chepterit girls cross roads, Chepterit trading centre , Chebarbar trading centre , Baraton trading centre , kapsabet  market , Namgoi                                                trading centre and jua kali area.

ii)street lighting -Chemundu ward -Nandi primary -Amai river , Citam road 2.5 kms.

                                     Kapsabet ward  2.5 kms kamobo -kamobo primary school /Teldet  DICECE – Kamatargui , AIC singorwa – Chepsengeny river ,                                                       Namgoi – Kamatargui , 2.5km

b)Construction of jua kali sheds – 20 units at Kapsabet  jua kali designated ground near slaughter house

c) Fabricated shades at Baraton 10 units , Chepterit 10 units , Chebarbar 10 units , Namgoi 10 units .