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An economically vibrant Municipality,that offers effective services in a conducive, livable and memorable environment.

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To offer and facilitate quality services in a transparent and conducive environment that guarantees socio-economic growth and sustainable livelihoods.

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The Kenya urban support program projects include:

  1. NDCG/TND/KUSP/01/2018/2019: Construction of Non-motorized transport and waste management project
  2. NDCG/TND/KUSP/02/2018/2019:Construction of urban economic and infrastructure development project
  3. CGN/KUSP/KM/TND/001/2019-2020: Rehabilitation and upgrade to bitumen standard of roads  within Kapsabet town
Urban Economic and Infrastructure Development
Non-Motorized Transport and Waste Management
Infrustrctural works and upgrade to bitumen of Juakali Loop, Kokwet, Chepcholol classic Roads and rehabilitation Jean Marie Seroney Road.

Kapsabet Municipality was established following the grant of the Municipality Charter by Nandi Governor Stephen Sang on September 24, 2018. This was after the Nandi County Assembly approved a motion for conferment of the status of Municipality on Kapsabet Town.

Kapsabet  Municipality covers Kiminda, Kipture, Kabirirsang, Kipsigak, Kamobo, Chemundu, Chepterit and Kaptildil areas where the defunct Kapsabet Municipal Council used to Cover. This covers covers four Wards namely; Chemundu/Kapngetuny Ward,
Kapsabet Ward and parts of Kosirai and Kilibwoni Wards, which falls under
Emgwen and Chesumei constituencies with an approximated area of of 206 sq kms a town in Kenya. It is the capital of Nandi County and is located 40 kilometres southwest of Eldoret on the way to Chavakali. Kapsabet is a connection town for Kisumu, Kakamega, Kericho, Eldoret and Nakuru towns.

Mr. Richard Ngeny

Mr. Richard Ngeny

Prof.Charles Lagat

Prof.Charles Lagat

Board Chair
Ms. Janet Jeruto

Ms. Janet Jeruto


There is a principal and agency relationship between the Board of the Municipality and the County Government of Nandi.