Open Hours of City Government Mon - Fri: 8.00 am - 6.00 pm



  1. The Municipal Manager shall implement the decisions and functions of the Board of the Municipality and shall be answerable to the Board;
  2. Act on behalf of the Board of the Municipality- In ensuring the execution of the directives of the Board of the Municipality and During all intervals between meetings of the Board of the Municipality;
  3. Prepare and present for approval of the Board of the Municipality, an annual estimate of revenue and expenditure to fund and carry out the programmes and operations of the Board;
  4. Be principally responsible for building and maintaining a strong alliance and effective working relationships between the Board of the Municipality and the civil society, private sector and community based organizations;
  5. Cause to be prepared, transmitted to the Board of the Municipality, and distributed to the public at least an annual report on the activities and accomplishments of the departments and agencies comprising the executive branch of the Municipality;
  6. Act as an ex-officio member of all committees of the Board of the Municipality and Such other functions as the Board may, by order, confer upon the Municipal Manager;
  7. The Municipal Manager shall be fully responsible for the proper conduct of the executive and administrative work and affairs of the Municipality;
  8. Exercise supervision over all departments and agencies of the Municipality and provide for the coordination of their activities;
  9. Enforce the provisions of the Municipality Charter, Municipal By-laws, and all applicable laws;
  10. Exercise such other powers as may be prescribed by the Charter, by-laws and applicable laws.
  11. Developing and adopting policies, plans, strategies and programmes for efficient running of the municipality
  12. Controlling land use, land sub-division for various development purposes as may be delegated.
  13. Promoting and undertaking infrastructural development and services within the Municipality as may be delegated by the County Government.
  14. Developing and managing schemes, including site development in collaboration with the relevant National and County Agencies.
  15. Maintaining a comprehensive database and information system for the municipality
  16. Enforcing the fees, levies and charges as may be authorized by the County Government for delivery of services.
  17. Ensuring provision of services to its residents.
  18. Implementing national policies and policies of the County Executive Committees as they affect the Municipality.
  19. Enforcing compliance with Constitutional provisions on Consumer Rights, fair administrative action, Bill of Rights and Values and Principles of Public Service.
  20. Coordinating and facilitating citizen participation in the development of policies and plans and delivery of services.
  21. Implementing policies for fire and disaster management.
  22. Promoting a safe and healthy environment.
  23. Performing such other functions as may be delegated from time to time.


  1. Be a Kenyan citizen.
  2. In possession of a Bachelor’s Degree from a university recognized in Kenya or its equivalent.
  3. Possession of a Post-graduate qualification or a related discipline from a recognized institution will be an added advantage.
  4. Proven experience of not less than five (5) years in administration or management either in the public or private sector.